All recordings for the label will be made at Dan’s studio in south west London.

The space essentially consists of one large room filled with loads of gear and instruments that have been accumulated since Dan’s childhood.  There is an old seventies Rogers drum kit;  Gretsch, Gibson, Supro, Fender and Wem guitars; a Wurlizter; a Clavinet; a Deltar;  a robot drummer; a Kawai upright piano, lots of analogue synths and the Swarmatron, which is located next to drum machine corner – a synchronised collection of unusual drum machines.

The musicians, the producer and engineer are together in one room, with no control room. Often sessions are conducted in the dark with lazers and a smoke machine.  Equipment and instruments are as far as possible left out, plugged in and ready to go so that ideas can be captured spontaneously. Another key element of the studio and its sound is the contribution of mild-mannered master-engineer Alexis Smith.

The studio contains an array of analogue equipment including ribbon microphones, old amps, analogue tape machines, an 8 foot plate reverb and a giant spring reverb crafted from a child’s slinky toy. It has a La Font Chroma mixing console and a Studer A80 2″ 16 track.

Outboard equipment includes Shadow Hills, Great River, Manley, Chandler, Thermionic Culture. There are a wide variety of microphones including Wunder CM7, Lomo 19a18, Royer SF12V and R121, Coles 4038 and 4040, 12 Gauge, Shure SM7 and a Josephson e22S.